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Wow našel jsem popisy legends KOPČIT SE ZDROJEM'

8984 Stronius:
Stronius, an evil guardian of the rock tribe, loves to fight against other Glatorian and to rob them after their defeat. His heavy armor, the dorn hammer and the Thornax Launcher make him a terrifying opponent.
8985 Ackar:
Ackar is an old Glatorian of the fire tribe who has proven himself in battle. Now he is facing his greatest challenge: Side by side with Mata Nui he opposes the Skrall. With his flame sword and his Thornax launcher he is almost unbeatable.
8986 Vastus:
Vastus is agile like a serpent and fights with full power for his jungle tribe to make up his past mistakes. With his paralyzing venom spear and his Thornax Launcher his is extraordinarily powerful.
8987 Kiina:
Kiina, a Glatorian of the water tribe, doesn't wish anything more ardently than to leave Bara Magna. With her water trident and the Thornax Launcher she fights together with Mata Nui for freedom.
8988 Gelu:
As Glatorian of the ice tribe Gelu is known for his speed and his camouflaging skills. He offers protection to travelers who can afford it and accompanies them with his ice blade and his Thornax Launcher through the dangers of the desert.
8989 Mata Nui:
Mata Nui was once the Great Spirit of the universe, but his reign and his universe were taken away from him. Now he is caught in Bara Magna and has to unite it to save the universe - equipped with the Mask of Life, a scarab shield and a Thornax Launcher.
8992 Cendox V1 (19.99 EUR):
The Cendox V1 has front blades and powerful engines that let it whiz with high speed through the sand. The vehicle is equipped with a Thornax Launcher and is driven by the Agori Crotesius in the arena.


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